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Which Way does the Door Swing?

I stand at the door and knock... (Revelation 3:20)

Which way does the door swing? Well, obviously, in. My front door swings in. Jesus comes in…to my life, my heart, my relationships. So, Jesus enters into our lives if we open that door. We make room for Him and He continues to clean out sin and stuff so He has room to fill us with His love.

On the outside of my front door is a storm door. It swings out. I have to open it in order to get out…out of what consumes me within the house, out of my home. Does that door on which Jesus knocks also swing out? Is it my way out of my will and into His will, His kingdom, His goodness? Isn’t that what we do when we go out to serve, out of our way to care about others, out to tell others of His love. The door beckons us out.

The door swings both ways.

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