• Sandra McGraw


My favorite chair is where I like to connect with God every morning. Often, my dog is sitting right there in my lap. She makes a good book rest. I like structure, so I follow the same format every day. First, it’s my devotional reading. Currently, I am wading through My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers. He’s pretty much over my head, but if I can eek out just one little something then I think I’m doing okay. Next, I’m on to Bible reading. This month I’m finishing up John, one of my favorite books. Here I’m trying something new. I’m picking a verse and illustrating it with little visuals (scratches and bobbles mostly) in order to try to etch it into my mind in a way that my mind works. Finally, I read a few entries from The Names of God by George W. Knight. It’s a tiny book but there’s like a bazillion names for God, so I’ll be reading it forever… All this gets me ready to pray. That’s when I really start my day. I pray. Where do you connect with God?

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