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What's in your purse?

It is so hard to get used to a new purse! It seems that I am disoriented for days as I dig through pockets and zippered sections in search of a pen or my sunglasses. My poor brain has to learn location all over so it can tell my hands where to look (yes, my eyes are usually busy looking at a grocery list or the road as I dig away)!

Regarding purses, I must have a divided bag. Lip gloss and chapsticks may be zipped up with the key fob. Both need to be handy – yet secured. I need easy access to my billfold – its pocket needs to be just the right size, so that when it’s retrieved there are no snags. Sunglasses as well as extra pens may share the billfold space. This pocket should also zip for the sake of security. I tend to lump breath mints, tissues, and hand sanitizer together – you know frequently used hygiene items. The cell phone really needs its own pocket but more often than not, just gets tossed in. It’s a floater. Coupons belong in a pocket unto themselves. If they’re not in the pocket they’re not getting used. Then there’s this stuff that needs to travel with me but it’s a mish mash. Hair barrette and a hair band (you never know what your hair will warrant), a mini tape measure (oh, yeah, it comes in handy), and a tiny zippered pouch that holds dental floss, a miniature emery board, senior pictures of my two kids (yep, they’re way older now), and a teeny tiny book of Bible verses given to me over 50 years ago at a neighborhood summer vacation Bible school. I feel like I need this stuff with me although I rarely look at it. It’s there in case of an emergency – like an emergency hangnail that requires me to floss my teeth while I read scripture and gaze at actual photographs of my adult children.

By the way, I just opened that teeny tiny Bible and read this verse: Thou God seest me. (Genesis 16:13) I sure hope that He seest that I need a purse with dividers and pockets and further “seests” me through the frustration of getting used to a new purse!

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