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No More Martha

I lean toward Martha. You know Martha, Mary’s sister. She opened her home to Jesus, but found herself distracted by the preparations that needed to be made. In Luke 10:38-42, we find Maratha to be more concerned with household chores than with the fact that Jesus was guest in her home.

I get it. She wanted everything to be perfect for Jesus. While Mary was off sitting at Jesus’s feet listening attentively, Martha was figuring out how to morph last night’s leftovers into a meal worthy of her Lord and Savior. I suspect a familiar rant was playing through her mind… “Sure, Mary, just go off and leave me to do the real work. I’ve already made and cleaned up breakfast, done two loads of laundry, unloaded the dishwasher, walked the dog, and changed the sheets. And it’s not even 10:00 in the morning!” I am sure that she was honored to have Jesus in her home, but eek gads, there was dog hair on the floor and refreshments needed to be offered! After all, this was JESUS!

I can be like that. I am such a doer. Do this, do that, get it done, check it off my list of things to do. It can be exhausting. It can also build resentment for those who seem to be doing less. I find myself keeping track, comparing my busy-ness with those around me, and then congratulating myself on how much I’ve done. Oh, isn’t that just like Jesus (NOT-can you hear my sarcasm?). In my mind I call these fleshy moments (or hours or days even) ones in which I am so me, me, me, it’s all about me! I’m doing it all and you’re not. It’s a trait I’m trying to trade for a godlier attitude. I’m better, but I’m not home yet.

When my fleshy side emerges, I have been practicing submission and humility. Here’s what it sounds like in my head. Is this something I’d do for Jesus oh, so willingly, without complaint or comparison? Well, yes, of course, it’s Jesus! Then shouldn’t it be done, likewise, for this person that is in my life? There are times when I am so reluctant to say yes…I want to wallow in my fleshy attitude. Then I picture Jesus washing his disciples’ feet. And I remember that He’s washed mine too. John 13:15 calls me to follow His example – something I can only do with His grace and through the power He has placed in me.

Feel free to join me in the NO MORE MARTHA Club.

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