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Yes, but...

This is how Adam responded when, in the Garden of Eden, God asked if he had eaten from the forbidden tree. He confirmed it then lay blame.

When asked, “Have you…”, I too, have lead a, “Yes, but…” life before God. I well knew what I should and should not have done. I said, “Yes, but…” creating excuses and blame. It’s not a pretty life and it sure isn’t holy. Like Adam and Eve’s world, the “Yes, but…” life produces fear, shame, more transgression, and guilt. That’s what I choose when I choose the “Yes, but…” life.

The good news is that all may be redeemed through Christ. Thankfully all means all. Disdain becomes devotion. Failings turn to faithfulness. Grievances morph into glory. Haughty eyes are exchanged for humility. Selfishness changes to service. Woe is now wonder. Because of God’s redemption, when I fail today and tomorrow, I find I may experience God’s great love, see my need for Him, and love Him in return. That’s so much better than the, “Yes, but…” life.

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