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What's your Story?

Here’s mine: I was raised going to church. I ate my share of graham crackers in Sunday School. My mother often asked my older siblings and me what Jesus would think of our behavior (or more likely misbehavior). So, yes, I knew of Jesus and God and many Bible stories. But I hadn’t internalized the goodness of God or the sacrifice Jesus made for my sins - past, present, and future. I was a Christian but I didn’t necessarily live like it. I was easily influence by the current culture.

Slowly my faith evolved out of basic belief to a practicing faith. One in which my faith didn’t just surface in desperate times but became a daily need for closeness and a constant connection to our Savior. He has become the foundation for the choices I make about living here on this earth. He is first. He is my priority. I have found Him to be oh so good.

It’s an unremarkable story wrapped in the most remarkable story ever. Here’s a jingle just for you…

Jesus Came to Live on the Earth

(To the tune “Pop Goes the Weasel”)

Jesus came to live on the earth

To serve and save the sinners.

He came to show us how to live;

Love was His anthem!

He’s humble and He’s powerful

He’s merciful and mighty.

Jesus came to save the world;

Love is still His anthem!

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