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Time to Take it All Down

December 26 is the day I take down the Christmas tree. All of the holiday decorations are sorted and stored away. I like to inventory what I used and didn’t use. I make decisions about what to pass on to the Salvation Army and what to keep. I like having my tidy house back. The furniture returns to its normal spot and the color scheme is no longer Christmas red and green. Vacuuming and dusting (like that gets done often) becomes so much easier. Yes, Christmas is packed up and put away until next year.

Jesus, though, does not get put away. He is not meant just for the holiday stretch between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Jesus is for every day of every year. His love and peace are always available to us. Because of Him, we are not alone. It is His teachings that guide us and show us how to live as Christians is this world. It is because of Him that we have the power to live unselfishly. It is his wisdom that demonstrates how we are to live generously and humbly. Whenever it is that you put Christmas away, let’s not put Jesus away. Keep Him out. Keep Him present.

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