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Ode to the Circus Peanut

As Halloween approaches, let us consider the circus peanut. You know it…that orange peanut-shaped, sort of banana-flavored marshmallow treat. Yes, it’s a weird candy at best. I’ve found through numerous polls given to sixth graders over the years, that either you love them or find them fairly disgusting. I love them! They are a perfect combination of undetermined taste and spongy texture. Here’s a poem crafted years ago for my sixth graders.

Ode to a Circus Peanut

Oh, my little circus peanut,

Melting o’er my tongue.

Nibbling at your edges,

Is a bit o’ fun.

Outside, you’re all silky smooth,

Blushing orange so soft and pale.

My teeth slide through your firmness,

Enjoyable even when a little stale.

Oh, circus peanut, oh, circus peanut!

What a fun confection.

A sweet and sugary morsel,

I gaze at you with culinary affection.

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