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Make the Most of Every Opportunity

A great man died this week. As the world said goodbye, God’s name was spoken and heaven was named as his destination. This all happened on national television. It makes me wonder…why don’t we live like God is with us every day? Why don’t we talk about God’s presence and provision more openly? Shouldn’t God and the sacrifice His son made on the cross be the greatest topic of every hour? Shouldn’t we be giving all the credit to God here and now?

Faith is very personal, but it seems that we have also made it too private. What can be done? Well, for me, I will look for opportunities to speak His great name every day. I will continue to give Him the praise He alone is due. I will serve Him by serving others with humility. I will pray for this hurting and broken world. I will make much of His name while I walk this earth.

Thankfully, I live in a country where I can be open and bold about my Christian beliefs. I pray that I don’t waste that cherished freedom.

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