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Have I told you about my dog, Camo? In order to do that we have to back up to our corgi, Duke. Duke was an incredible dog full of personality and sweetness. Duke developed kidney disease and failed rapidly. We hung on as long as we could, but in light of his pain and suffering, we came to terms with the fact that the only responsible action to take was to have him put to sleep. It shattered us. I still cry. In the aftermath, I felt I was done with loving a dog. I could love yours, but I just couldn’t love one of my own.

My husband, Mike, was hurting as well, but in his healing, he began to look at rescue dogs online. That meant I was getting a look at them too. Slowly I became more interested. I couldn’t choose a dog though. I prayed earnestly that God would bring a dog to us. I didn’t know how that’d look, but I put it entirely in His hands. If we were to have another dog, it was going to be at His doing.

After several months, I got a call from my animal-loving friend. Her words were, “I have a dog for you!” She was at church and the congregation was organizing small groups around interest. She of course was looking at the “dog lover” group and low and behold one of the members was dog-sitting a rescue and had the dog with her – at church. Karen knew this was the dog for us – and the dog had been to church! I couldn’t miss this or mistake it for a coincidence. God was orchestrating something!

We immediately checked the dog out online from the adoption group and made plans to see her at the adoption day being held at a local pet store. We felt like she was the right one for us. She had been rescued out of a kill shelter and was currently being fostered. After a visit to her foster home she became ours!

She is such a sweet girl and has been quite trainable. Her joy is to fetch the newspaper, play tennis ball, and to walk off leash. She knows all the neighborhood dogs and has been instrumental in meeting people in our subdivision. God answered my prayer with much more than just a dog. She is a walking companion, listens to me sing Jesus Jingles, has opened doors to be the hands and feet of Jesus, and is an ever-attentive baby sitter for our grandson. It’s so easy to love her. God was listening to my prayer and did just as I asked. Thank you, Father, for caring about the big stuff, little stuff, and the in between.

Cast Your Cares

(to the tune “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”)

Cast your cares upon the Lord,

For He cares for you and me.

Big stuff, little stuff, in between,

God cares for your everything.

Cast your cares upon the Lord,

For He cares for you and me.

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