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Encourage children to learn about simple truths from the Bible by engaging in song with Jesus Jingles. 

Making much of His name.

Creating a bond between children and Jesus through music.

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Author of Jesus Jingles

     Thanks for dropping by.  I am a retired sixth grade teacher and have always loved words--reading them and writing them.  My absolute favorite time of the day in my classroom was that magical 15 minutes of read aloud.  It often stretched into 25 or 30 minutes as I succumbed to the pleas of students for more.


     As a teacher, I wrote subject matter jingles for my sixth graders.  It was a fun way to help them memorize content area.  The best school jingle ever was our photosynthesis/cellular respiration jingle sung to the Hallelujah Chorus. 


     When my daughter started driving, I looked for a way to replace useless worry with more productive thinking.  I started singing "I Trust Jesus" to the familiar children's tune, "Frere Jacques".  The Jingles took off from there.  My thinking was--let's saturate our children with Biblical thinking as we teach familiar tunes and nursery rhymes.  Thus, Jesus Jingles was born. 


     Since self publishing Jesus Jingles with Christian Faith Publishing, I have written Jesus Jingles II, Jesus Jingles III, and Christmas Jesus Jingles.  It has been my pleasure to work with children's best selling author and lyricist, Crystal Bowman, as an editor.  I am actively seeking representation for publication of future titles.

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Sandra "Sandy" McGraw

Lord, may Jesus Jingles reach those who know You and those who have yet to learn of Your love.  May Jesus Jingles reach families that wish to immerse their children in the love of the Savior. May the lyrics enrich lives, building each one up as glory is given to Jesus' name.  


Do You Jesus Jingle?

A blog for those interested in the faith of Christ. Join my journey as an author, religious being, mother, and grandmother.

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A Jesus Jingle For You

Jesus Made Me

(To the tune “The Alphabet Song”)


Jesus made me who I am.

He filled me with personality.

In His sight I am unique.

I am His masterpiece.

He’s designed good plans for me,

He made me so lovingly.

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